Amsterdam Moving Service

Are you moving within Amsterdam? We got you! We offer highly experienced movers for a fair price.

Our moving packages

In cooperation with, we are happy to offer the following two moving packages:

  • Expat Moving Package small € 129,-
    Includes 1 mover plus a moving van for two hours.
    Recommended for small removals: e.g. 20 moving boxes or 10 suitcases.

  • Expat Moving Package large € 299,-
    Includes 2 mover plus a moving van for three and a half hours.
    Recommended for medium sized removals: e.g. 30 moving boxes and some pieces of furniture.

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- Julie -

Underpromised and overdelivered.

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Great experience, friendly and personal service, never has moving been so easy and 'felt like a party'

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Very decent. Would recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's simple. You just fill in your contact details on the next page and we will get in touch with you.

Great question. A swift removal starts with a good preparation. Please store all your belongings in moving boxes. Don't forget to label the boxes :) Furthermore, disassemble your furniture and wrap it with protection foil (we can also do this for you).

You receive an invoice after the removal.

No, assuming all furniture can be moved via the stairs. But don't worry. We will check this for you and help you with the permit request if required.

Unfortunately not. We work as quickly as we can to reduce the costs to a minimum (if any). If you need help with permits, just shoot us a message and we will assist you for free.

The extra charges are €10,- per mover per 15 minutes.
In general, assuming your furniture and boxes match the description in the package and you move within the city, the removal will not exceed the estimated time.
Please appreciate that every removal is different and, therefore, the removal time may vary. We are happy to provide you with a custom quote, just give us a call.
In any case, our movers will provide you with an estimate time upon their arrival. They base their estimate on the amount of furnitures and boxes and the travel time.

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